Active Occult Secret Society involved in expanding intelligence, disseminating truth, and pioneering the mind and occult sciences.


As active dedicated initiated occultist we are committed to living our lives by the follow principles as our guiding philosophy of men with no required scriptures.


Seek to increase, develop, create and share intelligence. The glory of God is intelligence.


Truth above all else, personal truth, institutional truth, scientific and religious truths.


Be bold, courageous, original and set out to accomplish and experience difficult fulfilling life experiences.

Monetary Pledge

Choose the financial commitment that meats your specific needs and desires and commitment level or ability to pay. Please pay your housing, medical, food and other life sustaining obligations first. We will still support you and your family as best we can.

3% of Gross Increase

Casual initiate level member.

6% of Gross Increase

Committed Occults active and Engaged in the society.

9% of Gross Increase

Full access and fellowship in the Cult worthy of all rights and privileges.


Our true origin is ancient but current formation modern to restore lost and hidden knowledge, intelligence, scientific advancement and meditative practice. Our occult style is heavily influenced by our founding members Joseph Smith, George Washington and others rooted in Free Masonry. Many of the early members who joined us were exmormons or as call ourselves Dead Saints. If you are leaving The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or have already left we may be a beneficial part of your journey. This is especially true if you still have active believing family members who are trapped in the temple of doom soul trap and reincarnation loop deployed by that organization. Stay positive and know that there is tremendous power in forgiveness separate from any religious belief system.